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December 15 2018

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    Latest Resumes

 Postdate   Summary 
12/14/2018 Audio/Visual, Media
Resume Category : -
- Broadcast/Publishing
- Customer Service
- Other
Current Location : Meath - Meath
 Postdate   Summary 
11/29/2018 I recently graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with a BSc(Hons) in Science with Nanotechnology. During this multi-disciplinary course, I majored in chemistry and gained invaluable experience in analytical chemistry. Through my studies, I have become adept at common analytical chemistry procedures for example; HPLC GC, IR, UV-spec,FAAS, Karl Fisher, SDS-PAGE,UV-Vis. My dissertation, "Cloud Point Extraction of Silver Nanoparticles", was centred around nano-toxicology and surface chemist
Resume Category : - Hospitality/Travel
Current Location : ( Confidential - UNDISCLOSED Information)
 Postdate   Summary 
11/29/2018 I am a hard working and dedicated professional with excellent interpersonal and co – ordinational skills which enable me to meet deadlines and perform effectively under pressure. I am an individual who demonstrates excellent motivational and organisational skills in order to achieve goals.
Resume Category : - somenew
Current Location : Clonmel - Co. Tipperary - South Tipperary
 Postdate   Summary 
11/28/2018 I am a doctor desperatley seeking for SHO position . My resume is attached.
Resume Category : -
Current Location : Birmingham - West midlands - Abroad
 Postdate   Summary 
11/02/2018 Muhammad Azhar Khan
Resume Category : - Advertising
- Retail
Current Location : Lahore - Abroad